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Proud to be a Gym Member with a Personal Trainer

As a student in school you would always see me staring out the window lost in thought, dreaming about the birds, and the trees, and wondering what real life was like on the outside. The teacher had to constantly snap her fingers to bring me back to attention. At parent teacher meetings, they would complain that I had a very poor attention span and that if I didn’t concentrate better I would fail my exams and my life would be a disaster. Fearful of this pending doom for my future existence, I made concerted efforts to work harder and finally managed to successfully pass all my exams, not necessarily with flying colours I might add, but just to pass was good enough for me.

Years later I realised that there was a reason for this lack of ability to concentrate for long periods, and following lengthy and costly educational assessments, it was discovered that I had a form of dyslexia and that my brain would not and could not operate for long periods at a time, meaning that I would have to take small and frequent breaks in my studying, (I was quite happy with that!)

Personal Trainer

Aside from all of that, it has not really affected me in any great way over the years, but what I did notice was that the more one to one help I get with anything I do, the more likely I am to succeed in it, and the more I enjoy it. With that too comes the ability to retain information for longer, and it also results in me being more likely to persist with an activity for longer. (more…)

Forced by Circumstances to Find New Gym with Cheap Gym Membership

I have always enjoyed the sporty things in life and have tried to maintain my fitness levels over the years by walking and engaging in sports at my local community centre. But the one thing I really liked to do was to partake in gym related classes such as yoga, pilates, step, body pump, body attack, spinning; in fact all of them. Everybody has a hobby, and this was mine. Many of my friends used to ridicule me about the number of classes I wanted to join, saying they would find it hard to join even one. But for me, I could happily do a variety of different classes all day long if given half the chance.

Perhaps you might say this is a bit obsessive, but as far as I am concerned I wasn’t hurting anyone, and at the end of the day, I had a body that I was proud of – strong, lean and slim. I would actually feel almost sick if I couldn’t get my weekly quota.

Find New Gym

Recently, like so many, we had been hit by the recession, and my hours were cut at the office, meaning I still had a job, but only really half a job, and sadly, only half the salary. I had to take a serious look at our finances and prioritise. I spent hours online looking at the different utility service providers such as gas, electricity, mobile phone, television, and so on, not to mention insurance providers for home and car. With big savings made almost immediately, I was left wondering why on earth I hadn’t engaged in this exercise before. No wonder so many people struggle; the differences in quotations that I received from the various companies was quite incredible.

One of the things I had to also look at was my own gym membership, and sadly that too was charging way over the odds, so again I went online to research clubs that had all the facilities, amenities, and of courses classes that I wanted, but one that provided a more realistic cheap gym membership. (more…)

Making the Decision to Get in Shape

Sitting on the couch with the family watching ‘The Biggest Loser’, bowl of ice cream in hand, I quickly realized the irony happening. While being frustrated with the extra weight I had been carrying, it had not been enough to motivate me to exercise. I had tried a few videos at home, but quickly tired of the same routine every day. The weather was an easy excuse to not get outside and walk. I didn’t have room for any equipment in my small space… so I had my epiphany that night in front of the TV.

The next day, I visited a local gym to begin my membership. If the contestants on the show could dedicate entire months to getting in shape, surely I could find an hour a day. The weight loss I had witnessed inspired me to match their success without having to put my life on standstill for a reality TV show. Since working out, the benefits have been tremendous.

Get in Shape

There are some people who argue against purchasing a gym membership, because of the cost and the process of working out every day. There are some who believe they can get a workout at home – but there are those of us who just need the extra kick in the pants from others in the same setting. Working out at a gym in Manchester can give you the companionship and inspiration you need. It also provides much of the exercise equipment that most of us just don’t have room for at home.

Having a fitness club membership connects you to others who have the same goal. It becomes a functioning social club. Many of these centres offer childcare for mums who need a break, and hours are open for anyone’s schedule. Classes are offered for a variety of skill levels, and attending a class and getting to know the instructors and other participants can really help get your heart rate working effectively for you. Other people want to share the knowledge about dieting and exercise tips that have really helped them.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I haven’t found the magic answer to weight loss. It is hard work, and there is a lot of sweat and tired muscles. The benefits have far outweighed any of the effort I have had to put in! So far, I have been watching the scales inch down, but better than that is I can fit in my old clothes. Since working out, I have had more energy than I have had in years, and I actually look forward to working out. (more…)