Overcoming the Phobia of a Modern Gym

For people that have never been in a gym before, there are all sorts of images that fester in their mind. The feeling of inadequacy produces anxiety and low self-esteem and this can be a downward spiral. My wife had been complaining about her lack of confidence since having our second child and I had promised to accompany her to the gym. It was only her overwhelming nervousness that had been saving me from my own worst nightmare. Then one day, my wife came home with appointments for an induction session she’d booked after finding cheap gym membership.

Coming to Terms with the Truth

Any honest man will tell you; they have as many worries about their physique as the vainest of women and I was no different. I hated the idea of feeling weaker, smaller and generally looking out of place in the gym. Luckily modern gyms are nothing like I had imagined. There are no signs of testosterone fuelled egos; instead there is an occasional friendly smile and nod. There is rarely a time when minutes on apparatus are at a premium because gyms are so well equipped.

Gym Phobia

Personal Space

Successful gyms seem to have realised that people who train frequently like their personal space protected. This means gyms are designed so that nobody ends up training too close to another customer. One of my wife’s greatest fears was training in front of the opposite sex, but she worried for nothing because our gym has female only areas. This made me feel a little better too, because I had real issues about appearing silly when I first started and I would never live it down with my wife bearing witness.

How to Combat Gym Phobia

Fear of the unknown is the only thing anyone who wants to improve their fitness and appearance has to worry about. Gym employees are duty bound to show all members how to safely use any equipment and staff will also recommend how to use their equipment to best achieve a particular goal. This saves people the embarrassment of blindly working out with little or no sign of improvement.

If losing weight is a priority and you are feeling a little body conscious, wear a loose hooded top and comfortable joggers. People are often surprised when they see how many gym goers are dressed with modesty in mind. Everyone should try a cheap gym membership; it gave me confidence that I never believed I’d have which had a positive impact on my life.


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