Proud to be a Gym Member with a Personal Trainer

As a student in school you would always see me staring out the window lost in thought, dreaming about the birds, and the trees, and wondering what real life was like on the outside. The teacher had to constantly snap her fingers to bring me back to attention. At parent teacher meetings, they would complain that I had a very poor attention span and that if I didn’t concentrate better I would fail my exams and my life would be a disaster. Fearful of this pending doom for my future existence, I made concerted efforts to work harder and finally managed to successfully pass all my exams, not necessarily with flying colours I might add, but just to pass was good enough for me.

Years later I realised that there was a reason for this lack of ability to concentrate for long periods, and following lengthy and costly educational assessments, it was discovered that I had a form of dyslexia and that my brain would not and could not operate for long periods at a time, meaning that I would have to take small and frequent breaks in my studying, (I was quite happy with that!)

Personal Trainer

Aside from all of that, it has not really affected me in any great way over the years, but what I did notice was that the more one to one help I get with anything I do, the more likely I am to succeed in it, and the more I enjoy it. With that too comes the ability to retain information for longer, and it also results in me being more likely to persist with an activity for longer.

Joining the gym was something that I had always wanted to do, as I had always been quite gifted on the hockey pitch. I wanted to learn how to use all the machines so that I could follow a fitness programme designed to suit me and my own abilities, but I was too nervous of the technical information that one seemed to have to have in order to operate them. I researched online for a gym near where I live and made my first appointment with my very own personal trainer London. It was the best thing that I had done for myself in a long time. My personal trainer was able to go as slow or as fast as I needed, and did not move onto anything new until she felt that I was totally happy with how the machines worked.

Living in the city is as exciting and spell binding as you want it to be, but to find your own personal trainer London who had the patience of a saint, I have to admit, was a Godsend. It gave me the courage and strength to build up my fitness, and my confidence as well. Never once was I made to feel stupid or foolish. Attending the gym is now part of my daily routine and I love it. In fact so comfortable am I now, that the other day when I noticed a ‘newbie’ looking at the treadmill with a very perplexed expression, I suddenly found myself leaning over to help her out with the instructions.


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