I have always enjoyed the sporty things in life and have tried to maintain my fitness levels over the years by walking and engaging in sports at my local community centre. But the one thing I really liked to do was to partake in gym related classes such as yoga, pilates, step, body pump, body attack, spinning; in fact all of them. Everybody has a hobby, and this was mine. Many of my friends used to ridicule me about the number of classes I wanted to join, saying they would find it hard to join even one. But for me, I could happily do a variety of different classes all day long if given half the chance.

Perhaps you might say this is a bit obsessive, but as far as I am concerned I wasn’t hurting anyone, and at the end of the day, I had a body that I was proud of – strong, lean and slim. I would actually feel almost sick if I couldn’t get my weekly quota.

Find New Gym

Recently, like so many, we had been hit by the recession, and my hours were cut at the office, meaning I still had a job, but only really half a job, and sadly, only half the salary. I had to take a serious look at our finances and prioritise. I spent hours online looking at the different utility service providers such as gas, electricity, mobile phone, television, and so on, not to mention insurance providers for home and car. With big savings made almost immediately, I was left wondering why on earth I hadn’t engaged in this exercise before. No wonder so many people struggle; the differences in quotations that I received from the various companies was quite incredible.

One of the things I had to also look at was my own gym membership, and sadly that too was charging way over the odds, so again I went online to research clubs that had all the facilities, amenities, and of courses classes that I wanted, but one that provided a more realistic cheap gym membership. (more…)