Top Ten Tips to Fat Burning

1. Set yourself realistic goals and stick to them. Example: Goal to lose 1-2 lb. a week over 14 weeks. You may think that that’s not a lot of weight and over quite a length of time, but because you are losing it steadily it is more likely to stay off. (During many diets you occasionally experience big weight losses which may make you feel mentally great actually make you body go into shock and starvation mode which is your body storing fat until you start eating again)

2. Resistance Training, this will help speed up your metabolism. Using your body weight, handheld weights, resistance bands, kettle bells etc. will tone up your muscle. Increased toned muscle mass means your body can burn more calories effectively, helping weight loss (body fat). The important thing to remember is that after you workout and even when you are a sleep you are burning calories.

3. Less Time More Intensity, keeping your exercise routine to shorter time periods i.e. 10 minutes a day but increase the intensity of that exercise, this will help reduce injuries and fatigue.

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, completing the same exercise routine especially after six weeks actually won’t do you any good. The body adapts and get used to it slowing down your metabolism, but by changing it around and doing something different you can increase you weight loss.

Fat Burning

5. 100% ask yourself and be honest, have you put in your best and worked as hard as you could?

6. Nutrition, eating healthily little and often. Fueling your body more frequently again speeds up your metabolism; you ideally need three main meals and three snacks. But watch your portion size, and give your body a chance to digest the food.

7. Use Multi Joint Exercises, our bodies have over 600 muscles so using them as you do every day, i.e. all together, in fluid movement instead of muscle groups. Trying squat, curl and press together instead of bicep curl will increase calories burnt.

8. Circuit Training, this is a great way of getting fit as they combine cardio and muscle endurance keeping you toned and fit.

9. Does Practice Make Perfect? I would have to say no, the reason being is that you could be completing the exercise all wrong and ultimately doing yourself more harm than good. So my motto is ‘Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance’ getting you the results you require in less time.

10. Have Fun, as you won’t stick to something you loathe no matter how committed you are. It should be enjoyable to a certain extent.


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